Anita's Tips for Storing Foods

Produce ideally should be purchased every few days and consumed as soon as possible.  However, our busy modern lives do not always permit this.  The tips that appear below should help you store produce and other foods for longer periods of time, so you don't have to shop quite as often.  In addition, these steps encourage you to clean, and to some extent cut, your produce before storing it, which will help you assemble meals more quickly and efficiently.

If you have any comments, suggestions or experiences of your own relating to storing foods, please e-mail me.


Apples - Enjoy crisp, cool and refreshing apples !!

Apples can be kept cool and refreshing in your refrigerator.
However, they release a gas that can spoil other fruits and vegetables.
Follow these instructions to prevent this from happening.


Lettuce - Keep it Fresh and Crisp

These steps are especially useful with organic lettuce,
which tends to wilt more quickly.

How This Works:
The towel absorbs the moisture from the lettuce leaves, which keeps them crisp and fresh.  The lettuce will last a good 15 days or more.  Every time you remove lettuce from the container, be sure to re-seal it, removing the air, before placing it back in the refrigerator.

Leeks and Scallions - Keep them Fresh for Days, Even Weeks !!

Store leeks and scallions in separate containers!
The odors are distinct and should not be mixed in storage.

How This Works:
The airtight canning jar keeps the leeks or scallions fresh and crisp, while preventing their onion-like odor from permeating your refrigerator.  It will be quick and easy to remove the leeks or scallions from the jar and put them to use!